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Without the CTA who would know?
Board of Selectmen
Send $5.1 million Resolution
To Board of Finance
Over Public Opposition
see video below

$5.1 million Resolution
WPCC Rocky Ledge Water Main Proposal
We were not exaggerating the tax increase.
In fact, due to undisclosed changes in

projected receipts of -$127,604

the rate increase is actually
higher than projected.
Cimino CVS Brief


Referendum Results

In favor of the proposed Town Government Budget of the Town of Clinton for the fiscal year
July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 in the amount of $17,507,690.

YES – 1414                                          NO – 1323


Next Referendum

6 AM - 8 PM Town Hall


Referendum Results Videos
May 24, 2017
Budget Referendum Results
             YES      NO       Difference
Town               1,613    1,631       18    FAILED
Education 1,689   1,554      135  PASSED

Revised Budget for May 24 Referendum
May 10, 2017 
Budget Referendum Results
YES     NO       Difference
Town  1,542        1,766    244    6.8%
Education 1,578        1,725    147   4.5%

But Board of Finance reduced budgets minimally by 1%
Rejecting the will of the voters.  
BOF Meeting Minutes Available Here.
So we will be back to Vote No Again on May 24.
Bonding Resolution Passed
YES           NO      Difference
1,679     1,587       92  5.5%

Board of Finance Meeting Following
Public Hearing

April 12, 2017

Board of Finance Budget Hearing April 12, 2017

PZC 1 9 17

PZC 1 4 17
Link to G Bousquet FOIA Complaint
Link to Tom Cronan Letter

Board of Selectmen 1 11 17
Section 7-274 State Statute Police Commissions
Town Charter Section 9.3
Charter Revision Commission Minutes
Dec. 14, 2016
Nov. 30, 2016

Police Commission 1 9 17

Contractors Storage Playlist
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Sign the Petition Against Expansion of the Industrial Junkyard on Meadow Rd.
P&Z Public Hearing on Junkyard Continued

Monday, August 29th at 7PM, Town Hall

Do you know what's going on at the 46 Meadow Rd. Junkyard?

Hear residents' horror stories from the public hearing held on August 1st, 2016


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