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"Clinton is a wonderful town in which to live, to work, to raise a family or to just vacation.  Clinton taxpayers are dedicated to seeing Clinton's economy thrive, its citizens prosper and its students achieve.  Keeping taxes competitive and government and education cost-effective is a means to that end."

"The Clinton Taxpayers Association keeps a watchful eye on the public stewards of Clinton's taxpayer provided funds.  The Board of Education, Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance are paramount.  These and other town commissions and committees who spend taxpayer money are within the CTA's scope of mission.  This page is dedicated to providing visibility to these efforts.  More than two third's of Clinton's spending is on education.  So it is an extremely important component that drives taxes." 

Our Mission:

The CTA exists to facilitate the efficient and wise use of taxpayer monies affecting residents and taxpayers within the Town of Clinton, Connecticut.  This Association will promote communication among the resident and non-resident taxpayers on issues affecting them as taxpayers.  It will promote open government and involvement of taxpayers in the decision-making process on issues that affect them.  This Association will promote greater involvement of all taxpayers so that they may have a stronger voice in determining what taxes they will pay and how their taxpayer dollars will be spent. As necessary, the Association will hold elected officials accountable for their decision-making on the expenditures of public funds. The Association will support the election of officials who will promote the same ideals.  This organization is a nonpartisan group that is not affiliated with any political party or faction.

Some of our history:
Officers include:

President: Pamela Fritz

Vice President: Harriet Stein

Treasurer: Joyce Allen

  • Jeff Cashman
  • Vincent Cimino
  • Paul Donoski
  • John Lamark
  • Marty Shapiro
  • Cameron Vickers
  • Bernhard Weiss

CTA Initiatives


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