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Due to the confidential nature of this information the CTA must be somewhat circumspect about its legal actions against Clinton's Board of Selectmen.  This report is intended to keep CTA's supporters well informed, but can only share and superficially explain information in the public domain to avoid revealing legal strategy.

Please do not forward this communication to anyone.
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October 15 - Pam Fritz vs Clinton Board of Selectmen (BOS) Day in Court - Willie Fritz mischaracterizes suit to BOS link

September 10 - CTA files
                            Verified motion for temporary order of mandamus to force Clinton Selectmen to place CTA petition on its regular meeting agenda. link
                             Affidavit of  of plaintive  link and Order to show cause link 
August 30 - Objection to motion to dismiss  link  Memorandum of law link  CTA amended complaint link

 August 14 - Clinton Town Counsel of behalf of Board of Selectmen moves to dismiss. link

August 8 -   Clinton Board of Selectmen see suit for first time and bill from Shipman and Goodwin link see Shipman and Goodwin bill link 

 July 30 -     Pre-service Order of Hearing Notice Court Online Tracking link

July 11-      Board of Selectmen violate Town Charter by failing to put petition on agenda link

 July 9 -        Complaint for order of mandamus requiring Clinton Board of Selectmen to act on petition validated by Town Clerk and Town Counsel link

 June 26 -   Meeting called by signatures of 5 Selectmen lock our Clinton citizens link

June 25 -   Town Clerk validates 306 of 441 signatures submitted on June 18 calling for Town Meeting adjournment to referendum - 300 required to call referendum.

 June 20 -   First Selectman unilaterally cancels Town Meeting called for June 20 at and of meeting of Board of Selectmen.  Portions of unauthorized, shopped ( link) opinion of Shipman and Goodwin read at Board of Selectmen meeting  link

June 18 -    Petition with 441 signatures submitted to Town Clerk for Town Meeting called for June 26 to adjourn to referendum

 June 13 -    Board of Selectmen meeting canceled but call of Town Meeting signed by all five members of the Board of Selectmen on advice of Town Counsel link

June 11 -     Michael Wells acting Town Counsel validates CTA petition and instructs Board of Selectmen to call Town Meeting  link

May 25 -     150 signatures submitted to Town Clerk to call for a Town Meeting to reduce the $64.75 million appropriation to $5 million

May 23 -      Over 450 signatures collected at budget referendum.   Petition revised to accommodate objections by Town Counsel to previous petition.

May 14 -     Town Counsel, John Bennet ,rejects CTA petition  link

May 11 -      150 signatures submitted in petition to reduce the $64.75 million school referendum passed on April 11.

May 9 -      Over 500 signatures collected during budget referendum.

April 11 -    Referendum to build a new Morgan school passes 2,058 to 2,018.


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