Morgan Bait & Switch

Buyers remorse is inevitable on the new Morgan School project.  Once the compromises on the auditorium and gymnasium are fully felt and the current facility is lost forever, parents, teachers and taxpayers will understand the needless and expensive sacrifices that they were sold.  But no one expected it to begin before a shovel was put in the ground.

A new architect and new builder can not be held accountable for the concepts proposed made by David Thompson and the associated costs estimated by Gilbane.

Here is a video anthology of excerpts of what the voters and taxpayers of Clinton were told to sell this expensive $64.75 million project, what they are now being told and how they are responding link

This is on top of misinformation disseminated before the April 11 referendum to shape favorable public opinion:

The current school costs $1 million a year to maintain and in capital improvements link

The New England Association of Schools and Colleges may jerk Morgan's accreditation link

Other misinformation on which voters relied is that the current Morgan site is the most attractive commercial site in Clinton if available for development.  But in fact it sits on a soon to be upgraded level A aquifer which greatly limits its value and development opportunities without an adequate off-site sewage infrastructure.  No hotel and even with adequate sewage no business that requires haxardous materials such as pesticides, dry cleaning agents, embalming fluids or pesticides.  This school property could sit at Clinton's gateway across from Clinton Crossing and deteriorate for a decade as has the Old Police Department Building on East Main Street.

You were promised that soil testing of the Richard's farm would be completed BEFORE the land was purchased.  link

But in fact the land was purchased on April 27, 2012, 63 days before the ECS Environmental Assessment was released on June 29, 2012 and excessive concentrations of pesticides and arsenic reported. 
Now, in a Town Meeting on December 12, 2012, Clinton has agreed to purchase the historic home at 69-69A with assurances that it will be preserved one way or another, but refusing to so stipulate in the resolution because it might "tie the Morgan Building Committee's hands."   A disregard for the legacy of Clinton's historic homes and buildings was demonstrated when the current Morgan was built and the original building demolished.  Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.  Here is Jerry Vece answering the question about the historic home's disposition link

And a link to the Town Meeting video that may have fated this historic home to demolition link
The Clinton Taxpayers Association is growing in strength, in numbers and in resources in part due to the outrageous way this project has been so mischaracterized to the voters and taxpayers of Clinton.  If you were once a member of the new Morgan cult, may these truths set you free of its blinding hold.  Whether buyer's remorse is just setting in or you have always had reservations about this very expensive and misguided project, join us in raising your voices against this continued folly.  Please sign up to be added to our regular email list at link or contribute to the cause to be added as an insider link.

How much information would taxpayers have missed if the CTA was not here.  Those who want the CTA to disappear want the voters kept ignorant and the taxpayers muzzled.  If the CTA has detractors they shall not be appeased.
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