“Taxation without representation is tyranny.”  A little of that tyranny has been rolled back for non-resident taxpayers whose property is held in trust in Clinton Connecticut.  Thanks to a legal challenge by attorney Richard Weinstein, as a non-resident Clinton taxpayer with property held in trust, you and other trustees can vote in budget and other financial referendums in Clinton. 

But it’s entirely up to you to claim your rights.   All you need to do is to complete and submit the affidavit of trust ownership linked below and a copy of the signed trust document to the Town Clerk.  The Town Attorney’s letter is on the back of the affidavit form for your reference. You can mail or fax these documents to: 

Sharon Uricchio, Town Clerk

54 East Main Street

Clinton, CT 06413 

Fax Attn: Sharon Uricchio at: (860) 669-0890

Phone: (860) 669-9101


Here are the resources you need to claim your right to vote as a trustee of a property located in Clinton, CT and to vote absentee.    AB Ballots for the first budget referendum should be available from the Town Clerk around the middle of April.  Subject to budget defeats, subsequent referendums will be held every two weeks, which does not permit enough time to vote absentee by mail.  But taxpayers can vote in person in the Clerk's Office.  Family members and care givers can also pick up an absentee ballot.  A new affidavit and copies of the trust documents must be presented before each referendum.  If you get to the Clerk's office without documents, if you have submitted documents previously, ask for a copy and a blank affidavit to fill out and submit.

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